Pro Account

Designed for the experienced trader, with tighter spreads and higher balance requirements.

Designed for Experience Traders

The Pro Account includes all of the benefits of the Standard Account, with the added perks of tighter spreads. The Pro Account is tailored to the more seasoned trader who is ready to a make a serious financial commitment to CFD trading. The Pro Account includes all of the benefits of the Standard Account, with the added benefits of tighter spreads and more competitive trade conditions. The Pro Account requires $20,000 minimum initial margin deposit, with spreads as low as 1.1 pips.

Tighter Spreads

There are many benefits that come with trading on tight spreads. Tightening the spread while maintaining the same standards contract sizes and margin requirements lowers your transaction costs. The market doesn’t have to move as far in your favor for your trades to become profitable. Lower transaction costs open the door for you to explore more trading styles and opportunities. This is especially true for those who use EAs and other types of automated trading strategies. The more trades you place, the more transaction costs you have to pay. Thus, low transaction costs could be the difference between success and failure for active traders who are looking for small, quick profits.

Even tighter spreads

High leverage

Cash bonus

Reduced commissions


Cash Bonus

With a minimum initial margin deposit of $20,000, you will be entitled to a 15-20% cash bonus through our Deposit Bonus Promotion, which can increase according to your initial margin deposit amount. For example, the minimum deposit of $20,000 to open a Pro account is eligible for 15% bonus credit, which is $3,000. In other words, your Pro account's initial available equity will be $23,000. Unfortunately, you are only eligible to withdraw the bonus credit when you fulfill the trading requirements. Please see our Special Promotion page for details.