Trading Rules

Please carefully read the trading rules below and keep them in mind while trading CFDs.


Hedging is taking on both Long and Short positions of the same size in the same product simultaneously in order to reduce the risk in an adverse market. This involves opening a position in the opposite direction of the same size as the initial opened position. Hedging will reduce the initial margin to ¼ of the original amount.


BCR's trading platform will automatically liquidate all opened orders when client's Total Equity balance falls below 100% of the Initial Margin Requirement. Derivative Markets can be volatile, and Clients should be aware that prices on CFD instruments may fluctuate rapidly over wide ranges. Prices depend on a number of factors, including interest rates, supply and demand, and government actions. Clients should keep in mind that during such volatile market conditions Stop Loss orders may not be honored at the price requested by the Client. It is possible that the market may "skip" the Stop Loss order price due to a significant market event.

Limit Order / Stop Gain / Stop Loss

When there is a price gap during volatile market conditions, pending orders may be cancelled if the current market price reaches the designated order price but the trading account has insufficient margin.

Buy Stop

An order to execute a transaction in anticipation of the CFD price, having reached a certain level, will continue to increase.

Sell Stop

An order to execute a transaction in anticipation of the CFD price, having reached a certain level, will continue to fall.

Buy Limit

An order to execute a transaction at a specified price (the limit) or lower.

Sell Limit

An order to execute a transaction only at a specified price (the limit) or higher.

Pending Orders on Weekends / Friday / Holidays

Upon the market re-opening on Monday or after a Holiday, the price may have gapped. Take Profit Orders/Stop Loss Orders are not guaranteed to be executed at the prices set by the customers. They will be honored at the executable price after the market opens.

Telephone Transactions

To ensure quality service, when a Client's local internet, personal computer, or electronic trading platform fail to function properly, telephone transactions can be placed. Client account numbers and passwords are needed to perform telephone transactions. Phone passwords are provided for trading accounts upon opening.

Telephone transactions are for trading purposes only. No financial advice will be provided.


Daily and monthly statements may be printed from the trading platform for reference. It is very important to check the content of the reports in detail and notify BCR within 2 business days if there are any errors and/or discrepancies on the report. After 2 business days, any corrections and/or adjustments to any errors or discrepancies will be made solely at the discretion of BCR.

Changes to Trading Rules

BCR reserves the right to make any changes to the trading rules. Changes in Margin Requirements will be announced on BCR’s website and will take effect immediately.